Business Phone Systems Toronto

The traditional phone systems offered to commercial customers can be maddening if you’re a small business owner. Setting up these systems and keeping them running is shockingly expensive, and you have to make a steep investment in a system that’s permanently tied to one location. Using a VoIP based system instead gives you far more options – and a much more attractive price – without cutting you off from any of the standard phone features you rely on in your business.

Best Phone Systems for Toronto and GTA Businesses

The VoIP Basics

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” As the full name suggests, it uses an internet connection to transmit audio data (along with other media) instead of single-purpose phone lines. The audible sounds taken in by your phones are converted into packetized digital information and sent on their way through a broadband internet connection. The benefit to you as a business owner? Your company’s full phone system is never farther away than the nearest internet connection. With our mobile connect service, you can even link your mobile phone into your business VoIP system seamlessly.

Commercial VoIP Services

What other benefits do VoIP systems have to offer commercial clients? You’ll enjoy flawless audio quality for a much lower price thanks to the elimination of dedicated single-purpose phone lines and switching equipment. You get to make use of up to 35 advanced phone features, too, so that your new VoIP system is the equal of – or the superior of – any traditional system you used in the past. The odds are good that you’ll actually find a VoIP solution more effective than any traditional system. It’s time you enjoyed the full benefits of technological progress.

Business Communications Solutions For Small Businesses

We have all the hardware and software required to handle your company’s phone communications through our cloud-based data network. You can rest easy knowing that you have full-time technical support available at any hour. By freeing yourself from the need for a dedicated PBX installation, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled portability and scalability – you’ll have a phone system that’s ready for change.

Contact our voice solutions team and start mapping out a phone system that your business can rely on – both today and tomorrow!