Business VoIP Toronto

In today’s business climate, smaller companies have to keep their expenses to an absolute minimum if they want to turn a profit and grow. The phone bill is one area that’s ripe for cost-cutting. Traditional phone systems, which require extensive equipment, licensing, professional installation, and special activation fees, can get enormously expensive even before you consider heavy burdens of their monthly bills. This is why more and more small businesses like yours are turning to VoIP services to handle their communications needs.

Stacking Up Our Business VoIP Solutions Against Traditional Phones

1) Maintenance And Upgrades Are Cheaper

A traditional phone system can often become a stumbling block for a growing business. With VoIP, the reverse is often true. Wiring up a standard PBX system to route your telephone calls through landlines is expensive enough; keeping the system running and upgrading your network when you grow will cost even more money. Then you need to worry about the rapid pace of technological change. Will your traditional phone system even still be compatible with the hardware you’re using in ten years’ time?

2) Your System Becomes Flexible And Scalable

As noted above, VoIP solutions are designed for growing businesses. Opening a new branch? Moving to larger premises? Your VoIP communications travel with you almost effortlessly. You can add new hardware and services whenever you need them. Trimming down a VoIP system is just as painless as expanding it, so that you’ll never be paying for more capacity than you need.

3) You Can Break Free Of Restrictive Contracts And Packages

We don’t hold our VoIP clients to fixed contracts. We do supply industry-leading customer service and round-the-clock technical support. All of our basic customers get the ability to make calls anywhere in the US and Canada along with 35 useful calling features.

We strive to make our services reliable, flexible, and affordable – perfect for the needs of rapidly-changing small businesses. Whether you’re a brand new startup or an established firm, we can craft a perfect communications solution to fit your requirements.