SIP Trunking

With SIP trunking, you are able to lower the cost of your business’s communication and keep you current phone system as well as equipment.

Toronto SIP Trunking solutions – What You Need to Know

Keep your current PBX — The SIP trunking service we offer is compatible with the majority of PBXs. You can keep you current PBX and we will connect it to the cloud.

sip-trunking-torontoCut Back On Communication Costs — With long distance calling plans that are low cost and to over ninety countries as well as select calling plans offering unlimited minutes, we are able to help you cut back on your costs of communications by as much as seventy percent. You no longer have to worry about local access fees — only a long-distance rate that is affordable.

Enjoy a Call Capacity that is Unlimited — there is no limit to how rapidly you can grow your business with unlimited concurrent call capacity. As the volume of your calls increases, we are able to provide additional SIP trunks. For businesses with more than one location, located across more than one time zone, capacity sharing between locations provides an excellent way of reducing the amount of lines you have and saving you money.

Maintain the Continuity of Your Business — imagine never having to worry about missing calls — ever. With the SIP trunking solutions we offer, you are able to route your calls to various numbers or devices and really take advantage of call routing that is fully redundant as well as failover provisions.

Size of your Business — from a small to medium size business and even an enterprise, the SIP services we provide are prorated so you are able to make changes at any time. You will never have lines that ring bust again. We work with monthly contracts so you are able to make changes on the fly — seasonally, monthly, weekly, and even daily. Capacity on Demand!

How Can SIP Save Me Money?

We have assisted our clients in saving over seventy five percent on their communication costs, all the while they enjoy full productivity as well as feature functionality. The SIP services we offer provide Channel Bursting; this allows clients to pay only for what they need and exactly when they need it. The pricing model we use also guarantees that during the course of service, there are no unexpected surprises.

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