Skype for Business

Skype for Business is platform for communication and collaboration that unifies business communication channels such as VoIP, instant messaging, conferencing, email and file transfer. The solutions allows organizations to interact with their customers, partners and employees. Some of the features of Skype for Business that make it a great fit for any business in Toronto are:

Availability And Presence

Having instant messaging capabilities and a rich presence can help workers to not only find one another, but also communicate with each other both effectively and efficiently. When you embark on further integration with Microsoft SharePoint and other familiar Microsoft Office tools for improved productivity, it makes presence and instant messaging a natural portion of everyday workflow, and also helps to enhance collaboration while making expertise and knowledge inside the company readily available for all of the users.

Conferencing Using Audio/Video/Web

A dial-in conference can easily be created as a scheduled event or on-demand right from a call or Outlook. These are fully integrated web conference solutions that offer ease with one-click scheduling or an ad-hoc desktop sharing feature. There is also integrated video conferencing capability for both internal and external users, along with support integration for many room-based systems. Such conferencing will work for both internet- based and internal users.

Outlook Integrated Voicemail

While using Exchange 2010, organizations have the ability to replace their existing voicemail with a true UM (Unified Messaging) solution. Exchange UM allows users to receive voicemails while using web browsers, smart phones, Outlook and more, which makes it easy to manage their messages. Voicemail messaging also includes the speech to text translation of messages along with audio, which allow users the ability to review messages before they listen.

Dynamic Voicemail

The voicemail greetings are integrated using features such as out of office with Outlook. This allows automatic activation for the right greeting, then automatic return to normal as set per the schedule. Additionally, advanced call handling rules will allow for greetings that are contact-specific and certain response options. With such a feature, users are able to allow specified callers to transfer over to their cell or other personnel.

Toronto Hosted Skype Service

When you use Hosted Skype for Business, there will not be a need for any infrastructure maintenance using cloud-hosted Skype for Business. This hosted option gives flexible solutions along with the ability to respond quickly to any expansion needs, including your remote offices. Along with proactive monitoring and quality maintenance, we offer a hosting solution that is always secure, resilient and stable in the cloud.

Learn more today about Hosted Skype for Business to find out how it will be able to help your Toronto business.