Unified Communications Toronto

Imagine only one communications environment in which users are able to collaborate with the use of any device, regardless of where they may be. Organizations will be able to rapidly gain a competitive advantage with UC & C by breaking out of the old to create the modern day multi device, mobile and multimedia environment that is requested by users.

Your Collaboration Challenges – Solved

A variety of robust and efficient communication tools is what your employees require, regardless if they have a desk job, work on campus or are always on the road. If what you want is employees who work effectively, what you need is secure environment to that allows for collaborative communications on a business class level.

With our UC & C solution, we will offer an evolution that is smooth and a user experience that is  vivid and is able to merge with the systems you currently have, of course if you prefer we can simply start from scratch. A comprehensive architecture, a variety of deployment options and a management system which makes operation simpler, cutting back on costs and IT overheads.

Unlike those new to the industry, for over fifteen years we have been at the forefront of the business telephony and real-time comms, the set of features and characteristics we have created are the most comprehensive aimed to meet the variety of communications needs of the many users, including our customers in the Toronto and GTA areas.

This expertise combined with continuous R&D investments in cutting-edge technologies are what makes what we have to offer at Unified Communication & Collaboration steady foundation for your future.

What we value is first-class user experience, through our unified architecture that combines all UC elements in a single platform is how we deliver this.

Our business model is flexible allowing our customers to purchase a product or a complete service.

The smooth migration path we offer goes above and beyond investments that exist. On top of that we offer the expertise to assist you in evolving at the best pace for you.

In addition, we provide professional services for planning the implementation, launching as well as operating and maintaining.

For more information, get in touch with one of our consultants and find out how we can assist your partners, employees and customers to collaborate in a first-class manner, regardless of the devices they are using or where they are using them from.