VoIP Features Your Business Can Benefit From

Organizations of all sizes are constantly optimizing and expanding their communications technology in order to keep up with the latest innovations along the communications frontier. This is where avant-garde Business VOIP services can be a crucial advantage.

voip-featuresThe rapid advances in communications technology offer services with multiple touch points and the versatility of connecting and manipulating devices however and whenever the need arises. These advances have raised customer expectations for next level mobility, messaging and conferencing services. Following are some examples:

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing has repeatedly provided companies with a cutting-edge advantage over the competition thereby increasing revenues. This service plays a key role in accessing customers and internal services virtually eliminating the necessity of travel. It is all about matching the solution to the needs of the organization.

Audio Conferencing

Internal and external communications can be facilitated with On Demand Audio Conferencing. PhoneSolutionsTo.ca provides a multifaceted service from a powerful single platform. A very user-friendly interface can support conferences connecting many across large distances. A single formidable solution to cover all your communications needs.


The company cloud – or premise -based PBX can be integrated into Smartphones for increased mobility. This way organization members answer communicate through the business identifications of their mobile devices. Connecting smartphone calls through the office line economizes costs and provides access to the corporate directory. This is the paradigm of mobility.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can usher inbound calls through a system of steps and prompts that can be as simple or complex as the situation calls for. Phone Solutions Toronto can provide all the know how to implement an effective IVR application to suit the needs of any organization.

Call Analytics

Call analytics can provide the statistical data that streamlines a company into an effective business tool. Data on internal operations and external marketing elements are crucial to maximizing the efficiency of an organization.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting provides an automatic phone call to be sent out to specific devices. This can be used for a large number of purposes, such as reminders for appointments and payments, delivery confirmations and much more. All call functions can be controlled from a convenient online interface accessible from anywhere on the planet.

VOIP services are the future of communications and provide innovative solutions for connecting sellers and suppliers to their colleagues and customers.